7 Oct

Praying for you all I am so inspired for you as I walk a different trial small compared to yours I struggle cry and understand I do pray for Allistaire’s complete healing and now for you and I to have a quiet and peaceful spirit I wanted this to post to Ruts messed it up of course. Grace JoMaries friend

Conglomeration of Joy

IMG_5022I’ve really only had one, true social work job, but it was my dream job.  As I lay down to bed on the day that I applied to be a case manager with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, I could not go to sleep – so giddy was I.  The only thing that compared were those last few nights before Christmas, when I would sleep on the top bunk in my brother, Patrick’s room, the glow of Christmas lights reflecting on the ceiling.  Being a case manager was just exactly what I wanted to do.  I loved the holistic nature of social work and delighted in the idea of sitting down and setting goals with my clients and advocating on their behalf as needed.  Somehow that role seemed to pair my scientific, analytical mind with my heart of compassion.  While I was not the 45-year-old married black woman with kids my…

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